Dating in Dublin for Older and Senior People

Categories: Blog Date: 04 Jun 14

Dating in Dublin for older or more mature people can be a minefield. At Two’s Company Matchmaker Dublin we have many years of matching people of all ages all all around the country.

Dating in Dublin

We get some people contacting us here at Two’s Company having searched online for either “older dating Ireland” or “senior dating in Dublin”. We find that many of those who are search for either older or senior dating might be on second relationships after becoming or maybe widowed and are looking for an intro to someone special.

As people mature, their dating needs and their socialising behaviour changes and that’s why they use a matchmaking service like ours. They want to meet someone of a similar nature who is also a bit more mature and they may have found it difficult to meet someone like that in their day to day life. That’s why they would come to a matchmaker like us. We can make dating in Dublin and all over Ireland an easier process for you.

We have plenty of experience of matching more mature people and from our six successful engagements over Christmas, some of those couples came to us were on second relationships. Some were separated, others single and some widowed.

As it happens, our introduction agency has members from all age groups. So, we can cater for those in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s who are looking for an intro.

So if you are looking for a matchmaker in Dublin or elsewhere in the country, fill in our contact form or give our office a call on 01 4304017. We’d love to let you know how our matchmaking service works, what using an ethical dating agency is like and how it will be different for you than using free online dating websites.

Start dating today… there’s nothing stopping you.