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29 Sep

Are they over them? New study says men never fully recover from breakups.

A recent study claimed men never fully move past failed relationships. Two HQ found this as alarming as we did suspect. So we went nosing around for answers of our own. We asked four of our male members, each at different stages of the single/dating life for their outook; Barry, 51, widowed  //Carl, 31, single  //Ken, […]


22 Sep

Younger Women Older Men; the Dating Enigma.

Sophia Richie and Scott Disick confirmed their relationship! and (naturally) their almost 15 year age gap was quick to spark debate in the office,….is it ‘normal‘? what exactly does 19 year old Sophia desire in a man so much her senior? and vice versa? But Sophia is not alone, Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford make […]


4 Sep

When Three is a Crowd

So you want a relationship but not a family? Statistics show going child free is becoming more popular among Irish couples. Two’s Company HQ are spotlighting the reasons behind Irish couples choosing to stay a duo. Maternal Instinct In a recent study Ireland ranked third highest in the world for childlessness. Psychology Today described the doubts women […]

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