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26 Oct

Ladies, Time to Spark Some Romance? Try a Weekend Break Away

    Ladies, if you’re longing for a relaxing weekend break away. Just think – beautiful scenery, fabulous food and maybe a spa treatment or two.  We here at Two’s Company believe that the pressure to plan and organise fantastic dates at the beginning of most relationships comes down to the guys. So, if you’re […]


19 Oct

In Need of Date Inspiration? Here’s The Ultimate First Date Guide for Dating in Cork  

  Here at Two’s Company, we know that dating can be a minefield.  Online dating can be hit and miss (we all know someone with an ‘interesting’ online dating story) and the thought of joining a dating agency is quite daunting. With anything in life, with a little risk there can be huge rewards! Even […]


12 Oct

The Best First Date Idea Revealed and 58% of Women Agree

    We here at Two’s company spend hours chatting to clients and listening to date feedback and over the last 10 years we’ve figured out what the best types of successful dates are.  With over 58% of women saying that they don’t want an expensive first date, they would prefer a casual first date, […]


5 Oct

When do men Decide They Are Into You

How long does it take a guy to decide if he’s “into you” or not? A couple of weeks? A couple of dates? A couple of hours (or bottles of wine)? When you first meet a guy, you usually have about 60 seconds to make an impression. That amounts to walking in the room, introducing yourself, and […]


1 Oct

Relationship Advice – We answers one of your questions

      This week Two’s Company founder, Jennifer Haskins sits down and answers your questions:     The man I am seeing is very kind, funny, generous the list goes on but he is not reliable. He cancels arrangements very frequently sometimes on the day, he always offers a good reason and is very […]

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