Couples who X together, stay together… Date ideas to strengthen your relationship

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The weekend is approaching and we’ve spent the afternoon sending clients out on matches. Office chat has turned to “date night”, and specifically things we can enjoy with a partner that have positive knock-on effects on your relationship as a whole.


This is especially appealing when you plan to stay in and save anyway. Eating together is the typical date but doing the actual cooking together can add an intimate and fun dimension to your experience.

Its about learning alongside each other, rather than competing with each other. When that timer bings and your mouth is watering, you can be proud that you planned, prepared, and achieved something together – even if it is something as simple as scrambled eggs!

You feel like you’re on the same “team”, and being able to work towards a common goal with your partner is a real bonding experience, as well as an essential relationship aspect.


Physical fitness does not only benefit your personal well-being, but it positively impacts on your relationship too. Besides the obvious perk of keeping your figure healthy and attractive, regular exercise is good for our mental health. Exercising with a partner increases these benefits.

You are more likely to stay motivated to stick to a routine when you have a “gym buddy” and the mere presence of your partner can encourage you to push yourself and show off a little. Coordinating your workouts with your romantic partner can also increase your emotional bond, as you subconsciously sync with each other.

Let’s not forget the obvious hormonal benefit of working out together… Pheromones! You release more as you sweat, no don’t even feel self conscious about your “glow”.


Researchers surveyed 4,864 married people, with couples having been together for an average of 33 years, to discover how drinking affects relationships.

The main result was that couples who drink together report being happier than couples in which one drinks and the other doesn’t. The study found that it didn’t matter how much or how often a couple drank, as long as they did so together.

Analysis of the study could simply conclude that couples who have similar values and interests have longer and happier relationships, but this is a scientific reason to bring a bottle of wine home tonight! As if we need an excuse.

(NB The same result applied if neither partner drank, so this is not an endorsement of alcohol.)

Whatever date option you decide to go with this weekend, think about how it can strengthen your relationship to help you both feel even closer. And, cheers!

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