The Best Worst Dates

Even the best first dates can have awkward moments and anyone who dates casually or has spent time finding a partner probably has a few horror stories in their archive.


Here are some from the website Awful First Dates that will make your dating disaster seem like a doddle…


Not-so-sly sexter

It was my first date ever, so I was really nervous. When the guy and I met up at the movies, he acted clearly uninterested in me, which was okay because I felt the same way. So I was looking forward to getting the date over with and never speaking to him again. Then about halfway through the movie, I received a text from him asking, “Will you give me a blowjob in the men’s bathroom?” I told him I wouldn’t be doing anything of the sort and we never spoke again.


Tip from the top

I went on a first date with a guy, and admitted I was not the best at math. He then proceeded to tell me how easy math was, and how he could clearly take my same classes, never show up to any of them, and still get better grades. He then asked me if I knew how to leave a tip; I told him I normally double the tax. He then spent 10 minutes showing me on a piece of paper how to find 15 percent, and was freaking out about the fact that by doubling the tax, I was in fact “over-tipping by about 1.5 percent.” The horror! He wouldn’t let us pay the bill and leave until I showed him I could calculate the exact 15 percent tip.


Amateur shrink

We’re sitting in a booth at dinner getting to know each other, and when she finds out I’m studying psychology in school, and won’t stop asking about mental disorders and specifically what people with severe depression act like. When I offered to pay, she began hysterically crying. I dropped her off, and within 15 seconds of her getting out of the car, I got a text asking to go on another date–she wasn’t even inside her house yet. Maybe she thinks I’ll be a free psychologist?


There will Beano second date

So, I met this guy at a club, he was cute, and we exchanged numbers. He started texting me a lot and asked me out for coffee. We made pleasant small talk: stories about our childhood, sports, favorite TV shows, etc. Then he adds that he always has to fart–when he’s in the car, at the club, in restaurants, and every time he sits down. I don’t say anything, so he follows it up, “Actually, I need to fart right now,” and lets one loose in the coffee shop, which I could hear. I said I had a family dinner and and left.


These are just some of the collection that we are second-hand embarrassed about! Titles and text taken straight from the website.




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