Ideas for Finding Love This Spring – Part II

With the hours going backwards at the weekend, we’ll have an extra hour of sunshine from this Saturday…  an extra hour to be out and about in brightness and that that gives us an extra hour outdoors to find love this Spring.  Sure, it will be summer before you know it!

Here are some more ideas to help you find love this Spring.

Visit a beer garden or restaurant with outdoor sitting. Now that the weather is warming up, people congregate outdoors. Take advantage of this natural tendency by frequenting outdoor cafes and bars. If you aren’t into the bar scene, or think all the people will be too young, then just go early, sip a sauvignon blanc or margarita and be friendly!

Once you are there, remember to flirt. Many people feel like flirting is too forward and panic at the thought. The truth is that you are flirting with your girlfriends every time you admire their fabulous new handbag, hairstyle or verbally appreciate your co-workers hard work on a project. Flirting is about wanting to see other people SMILE!

Smile and talk to strangers. Turn on the charm! Put on an outfit with date appeal to increase your desirability and look for activities that are fun or help you relax. Push yourself to smile when you pass people because smiling is contagious, makes you more approachable and helps you look your best. Strike up a conversation. It doesn’t matter what you say, just break the ice and keep the conversation brief. You’ll find most people are very flattered when they get that attention.

Get a life. Even before you’re ready to risk a new relationship, you can begin to get out and do things that interest you. Make your life as fun and social as you can without a relationship. Create a social network by joining groups who are doing things that interest you. If your life is full of activities you really enjoy, you’ll be more successful at finding a successful relationship.

Look for friends. Now that you’ve developed a life full of social connections, seek to make friends. You’ll get to know all kinds of people, and out of these people someone will soon stand out, and you’ll have the advantage of already knowing each other before you decide you want to date.

Pay attention. Meeting your new love by making friends who share the same interests gives you a great opportunity to observe the character of the person before you declare your interest.

If you do need a little help finding love this year, then why not call the Two’s Company office on 01 4304017 and we will help you get the ball rolling.  All it takes is a phone call and our matchmakers will begin working on finding you love this Spring.

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