matchmaker dublin


matchmaker dublin

9 Nov

‘Cuffing’, Call it’s Bluff!

At Two’s HQ we dedicate a portion of each day to trawling the internet and newspapers, magazines and social media sites to find out what is happening in the ‘Relationship Realm’. We do this to bring you, our loyal and very loved members and followers the most current dating trends, tips and trauma’s, because we […]


4 Sep

When Three is a Crowd

So you want a relationship but not a family? Statistics show going child free is becoming more popular among Irish couples. Two’s Company HQ are spotlighting the reasons behind Irish couples choosing to stay a duo. Maternal Instinct In a recent study Ireland ranked third highest in the world for childlessness. Psychology Today described the doubts women […]


21 Aug

Netflix and chill? Here’s our recommendations for a cosy movie night in

Shutting yourself in on a weekend night with an uninterrupted film is one of those small pleasures. You have your snacks ready, your feet up and you’re ready to relax. To avoid the great debates about what to watch we’ve listed some titles below that will suit all tastes! In a romantic mood? Check out: […]


4 Jun

Christmas Dating Ireland

Christmas dating Ireland Christmas is a busy time of year for our matchmaking and introduction service in Ireland.  We just had an engagement of one our matches last week.We were just chatting in our office about our favourite Christmas songs.  My favourite is David Essex’s “Winter’s Tale”.  With lyrics such as “It’s a love that […]

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