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Matchmaking Success – Gerry – June 27, 2013

Matchmaking Success – Gerry – June 27, 2013
July 2, 2014

“Well, it took me about a year to finally pluck up the courage to call. I guess it’s more difficult for guys to do this ……and as you said, Jennifer,…..women are more proactive in the dating department than men. If I was to be totally honest and give you an honest testimoniaI, then I would have to admit that it was a whole lot better than I expected. I don’t entirely know what I did expect but I just made a decision just to do something, and this seemed the best option at the time. If you hadn’t persisted, then I probably would have just left it.
To sum it up then….yes I’m very pleased, Jean’s a great woman and who would have thought I’d be taking the plunge again so soon !! Well done, thanks for everything.”

That’s so great to hear Gerry. We hope it all goes well for you.
– Jennifer
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