Top 10 Dating Ideas from Twos Company Matchmakers – Part 1

When you’re planning your first date, a lot of people have two dating ideas: cinema or food. It’s a tried and tested strategy and it’s easy. But, do you want to be like everyone else.

Ideally a date should be fun and it should be memorable. A great first date allows good conversation to flow and at the same time should take the focus off you so that you don’t have to talk all the time.

Not every first date will work for every one. So before deciding to go on a big outdoor walk, make sure that your date actually likes the outdoors. Similarly, bringing someone on a museum tour sounds interesting, if your date happens to be interested in antiquities. So think about your dates interests before deciding on what to do.


10. Bowling

Bowling could be classed as an old school date idea but it has many advantages. It’s casual and you both engage in a friendly competition. There’s some background noise so it’s not as pressurised as an intimate dinner. So it’s low-stress, relaxed and comfortable.


9. Walking

Okay, so you might not be outdoorsy, and your date might not be either. But, a walk doesn’t have to be a day trek through the woods. It can be a simple stroll through a park and it is a great way to have a nice casual conversation for you to get to know each other.

Check the weather and make sure that your partner is dressed for the weather.


8. Aquarium

If the cast of Made In Chelsea can go on a date in an Aquarium, then so can you. There will be enough fish to keep things interesting and aquariums are fairly quiet places so you can what each other are saying. Much better than a noisy bar.

A zoo will do too! Choose which ever is closest to you.


Keep an eye on our blog to discover some more great dating ideas from our Matchmakers at Twoscompany.

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