Twos Company – Matchmaking in Northern Ireland

“Wow is all we can say ! What a tremendous response”!

Twos Company Director Jennifer Haskins had a fantastic interview with Maureen Coleman of The Belfast Telegraph as part of their Valentines features titled,  ” I’m too busy looking after the love lives of others to find my own Mr Right“.  

The article gets to grips with the Irish dating scene and Jennifer’s own story unfolds over the course of the interview as she explains her own experiences – the highs and the lows of online dating and how it inspired her to start Twos Company seven years ago.


Twos Company are the only regulated agency in Ireland who use the traditional methods of matchmaking in Northern Ireland. This is what sets us apart from other agencies out there at present.  We believe people out there want the personal touch and we offer that service to all our members.  The response we have had from Northern Ireland shows us that there is clear need for a company like ours. People who want to meet like minded professionals and experience a fulfilling long-term relationship.  Our aim is to bring people together and we are here to meet this demand.

So if you are from the Northern Counties and are looking for your “Mr or Ms Right”, don’t delay, we would love to hear from you !

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