‘Cuffing’, Call it’s Bluff!

At Two’s HQ we dedicate a portion of each day to trawling the internet and newspapers, magazines and social media sites to find out what is happening in the ‘Relationship Realm’. We do this to bring you, our loyal and very loved members and followers the most current dating trends, tips and trauma’s, because we all know dating can be tricky and arming ourselves with as much insider info as possible can only be a good thing.

Today’s blog topic is a trend that has been on our radar for quite some time; cuffing. Cuffing, for those of us who aren’t in the know, describes the act of ‘seasonal dating’, it begins just as Summer ends and finishes early to mid Spring. Cuffing is described as a young persons “disorder” to quote a journalist from The Independent. Single people who struggle to commit experience an urge to settle, or snuggle down with a partner through the cooling winter months. As such they couple up and enjoy all that October through to February has to offer those if not quite ‘in love’ at least ‘in a relationship’. Oddly as the months heat back up these people get cold feet and jump off the relationship, freeing themselves up just in time to enjoy a summer of  unattached fun.

In 2011 Facebook put together a study on the right time to get into relationship based on people’s displayed relationship status and unsurprisingly their figures find proof of the activity of cuffing. Most popular times for people to find themselves “In A Relationship” are December and February, with 4% more people committing to each-other in December than breaking up. Saturday, Sunday and Monday are the most popular days of the week for people to enter into relationships with the fallout being that breakups took place in the run up to the weekend mostly on Fridays.

Now you may ask what is the issue with that. One person in Two HQ claimed it’s “just strategic”. Said person has a point…as long as you are the one making the plays and not one of the pawns in someone else’s cuffing scenario. Two’s Company’s most frantic period of business is the run up to the New Year and immediately after however the traditional set up of our service ensures that we weed out time wasters before they get to sniff a date never mind a relationship. So you could say we are a bit smug, snuffing out cuffing.

On that note best of luck to all daters out there, “winter is coming” as they say in Game of Thrones. If you don’t fancy leaving it to luck, leave it to us… 01 4304017



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