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Categories: Uncategorized Date: 20 May 14

I'm new to Two's Company and so far have found all staff are professional, sensitive and caring. They embrace your journey with optimism and honesty. They are great listeners and appreciate your life story. There is huge emphasis on positive communication, including feedback and ongoing support.

So far this process has given me butterflies, enhanced energy for the future and the chance at an opportunity to meet my someone special and develop deep friendships.....best of luck to everyone who takes a chance at finding love!!


October 20, 2017

Thought it was about time we sent one of these in! Two years together, two years of almost constant laughter. We are best friends. (Harriet) When I think back to how nervous I was sending in my contact form I thank God I bit the bullet. I hadn't dated in over twenty years but the team were fantastic, I never felt pressured or rushed into anything. When a match was found they would always contact me first and allow me accept or refuse the match, that's their policy; the women decide. Something about Colm just stood out to me, Jennifer described him as having a very calm presence. After years of dating, I'd never met a man who I'd of described that way so I thought hmm interesting, lets meet! (Colm) I can confirm I was the opposite of calm meeting Harriet for the first time, bag of nerves I was but we had so much fun together. Don't overthink it, send the contact form, ring the number and go on the date. It is the best chance we ever took!!

Harriet and Colm

September 28, 2017

Well Jennifer, where to begin, I will be the first to admit I wasn't the easiest of clients! In hindsight I thought I knew what I wanted but I was way off the mark! I met Claire on my fourth introduction and she took me by complete surprise. She is an absolute lady; intelligent, hilarious and so so kind, getting to know her only gets better. If I had advise for anyone thinking of joining Two's Company I'd say keep an open mind, the team really know what they are doing and the sooner you put your faith in them the sooner you will be on track for meeting someone truly special. All the best to the gang,


September 28, 2017


So the update I never thought I'd give; still happily dating Mr. Fantastic, its been just over 7 months. I used to start to dread Christmas around this time each year, it always heightened my sense of loneliness. But right now I can say I am excited, we have already discussed how best to spend our time and are planning on getting both sides of our families together for a lovely meal. I never foresaw this, I cant thank you enough. As cheesy as it sounds it really is never too late for Love!


September 28, 2017

Frank and I are still together after our introduction nearly three years ago.

I have to admit, I was hesitant at first signing up to an introduction agency but the whole process with Two's Company worked seamlessly from start to finish.

They listened to what I would like to find in a relationship. They matched me according to my interests and lifestyle, and most importantly to my personality type.

I would highly recommend to anybody signing up to Two's Company not to hesitate -- they have your best interests at heart. Let the professionals do their work. Otherwise, Frank and I may never have met.

Trisha and Frank, 41 & 44.

August 21, 2017

Human relationships are never simple but Two's Company pulled it off! We clicked on our first date and encountered no bumps in the road.

We have travelled extensively - snorkelling on the Barrier Reef for example. We enjoy drama, music, opera, entertaining at home, and a good wine.

Life begins at 70 and we have begun to live all over again.

Thanks Jennifer and all your team!

Bryan and Mary (78 & 65)

August 21, 2017

Hope this isn’t a bad omen but here’s the testimonial I promised you.
We’re all loved up and enjoying our new UNSINGLE Status !!
Oh my God it’s just lovely to be in a good relationship, was beginning to think I’d never meet Mr Right!
Thanks for all the encouragement and genuineness, you made a big difference to our lives anyway.
- Dee & John

Yes Dee, testimonials like this make our job really worthwhile.
- Jennifer and the team.

April 25, 2017

I met X through Two’s Company. It was my 3rd introduction with the agency so I had some idea of what to expect. I was a little nervous on our 1st introduction but I soon relaxed and started to enjoy meeting X that day. When we met for the first time but I knew enough to decide that a 2nd date would give us both a chance to be more relaxed and get to know each other better without the nerves!

Your optimism and perseverance shone through, and made it all possible.
This news lifts our spirits and makes it all worthwhile,
- Jennifer and the team.

April 13, 2017

Hi Jennifer,

It was really nice to talk again with you last week and am delighted to have told the good news that myself & Josephine are still in a very close and happy relationship after nearly four years.
You certainly used your magic in introducing us and what really worked well is that our personalities allow us to enjoy mutual occasions for travel and entertainment very much as two people very suited together.
After a number of years of not quite meeting my match, it was brilliant that you worked it for me so quickly and without doubt you will have brought success and happiness into the lives of other couples.

Best wishes,
John & Josephine

Thanks John, lovely testimonial.
- Jennifer

February 9, 2017

Hi Jennifer,
I would like to say a huge thank you to you for introducing me to the most wonderful man in the whole world.
Xxx and I are absolutely delighted and overjoyed to be getting married later this year.
We are so grateful to you for helping us find each other. Please excuse the delay in sending this thank you message, it is long overdue!
You have made such an enormously positive change in both our lives and it is important that you know how wonderful that is.
Xxx and I are very discreet and have not explained to anyone exactly
how we met, but please rest assured that we will recommend Two's Company.

Thank you so very much again for everything xx

November 21, 2016

Hi Xxxxxx , I just spoke to Xxxxxxxxx and so delighted with the news , and little baby Xxxx, Oh my God , you're so blessed. It's the best news all week just to hear from you guys. I would so appreciate a testimonial from you either by text or email. Obviously we will keep your names private.

Oh gosh Jennifer thank you so so much....yes we are blessed....never thought all my dreams could come true in such a short space of time...I'll always remember saying to you that "there's something about him" and here we are....am so so happy....sincerest thank you's to you and all the team as l would be still on an aimless journey to nowhere....wishing you and all the gang lots of success....testimonial on the way for sure....you can happily close our files and mark it happy ever after.....take care.....Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx

Hi Xxxxxx ,those care such lovely words if it's ok with you I'd love to use them in our new radio ad...obviously complete confidentiality , no names mentioned. Kind regards , Jennifer

Absolutely Jennifer....would be delighted....looking forward to hearing the new ad.......big big thank you once again....oh almost forgot baby no 2 is enroute...there's no stopping us now....love light and all things bright....Xxxxxx

November 22, 2016

" Just to let you know Eddie and I got engaged on Enniscrone beach on Saturday. We're planning to have the wedding in July next year and we can't thank you enough for all your help.  Its very exciting and we're really happy together.  All the best, have a lovely Christmas."


"Fantastic news Elaine & Eddie and we wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year"


Twos Company Matchmaking Agency

December 17, 2014

When I joined Twos Company in March I was a bit sceptical.
In late April to my surprise I received a telephone call from Two’s Company, with an introduction. Life has changed so much. I have met someone special and we’re very relaxed in each other’s company. If it wasn’t for Two’s Company, this meeting would never have taken place. I believe our friendship will grow in strength with each new day and I thank Two’s Company for this.
May your organisation grow in abundance and here’s to more love and sunshine to all who join with you.
Thank you again,

December 3, 2015

Hi Jennifer,Just spoken to you on the phone, and here's the first photo of myself and XXXXX, taken last Sunday, 14/06/2015 by one of my sisters. Thank you for looking after us so well; we met each other on our 3rd introduction each. I felt so safe in your hands and all 3 introductions were with lovely gentlemen. Although only a little over 2 months together, we've met each other's families and are heading off tomorrow for a short holiday. We are a 'match', and very happy!
So .. big appreciation to you Jennifer, and all the staff.
Wishing you warmest best wishes,

October 23, 2015

Hi Jennifer.I joined twos company in 2013 very nervous at meeting someone. First person I met we didn't click. 2nd person I wasn't sure but you said give it a chance as he is probably as nervous as you, well I did and we are getting married this Saturday. I found my best & love of my life with twos company. It's a hard thing to do to look for help but well worth it. You have nothing to lose .

Thank you all so much

August 15, 2015

Hi Jennifer,

Just wanted to share this with you. Thank you for looking after Jim and myself so well. We met each other on our 3rd introduction each. I felt so safe in your hands and all 3 introductions were with lovely gentlemen. Although only a little over 2 months together, we've met each other's families and are heading off tomorrow for a short holiday in Westport. We are a "match", and very happy! So a big appreciation to you Jennifer and your team. Wishing you warmest best wishes.
- Mary

June 25, 2015

Hi Jennifer,

Following the death of my darling wife from breast cancer, and after an appropriate period, I decided I wanted to meet another lady and have a serious relationship as I found life very hard being on my own. I chose Twos Company as I was not familiar with or comfortable with the idea of internet dating and not being exactly a spring chicken either , at 57 years of age! I met a number of very nice ladies through Twos Company, but did not find the chemistry I was looking for! However on my second tour as it were, on my first date I met my current partner! She is a lovely lady, blonde, beautiful, slim, easygoing, charming and sexy! What is not to like! She is ten years younger than me and had been through her own lives travails. We have been together almost 10 months now and the relationship is going from strength to strength! We are both very happy together, and I can only thank Twos Company for bringing us together. I have no doubt that due to the very different lives we lead that I would have never met her (Brid) any other way and I am just glad I did.  Many thanks and continued success. It is no small achievement to make two people happy and turn their lives around!
Cheers Liam

January 28, 2015

" Hi Jennifer, Still dating Liam, we met last March and even though we both lead very busy lives, are really enjoying spending time together. He is good company. This is my fourth introduction. All lovely people, well done Twos Company. Will keep in touch". 

January 8, 2015

"I want to thank Twos Company for never giving up on me. I met four guys before I met Richard on the 15th of November last year and we saw each other every weekend until Richard bought a house and we moved in with each other on the 15th of August, exactly 9 months after meeting each other.

Everything is going great we get on like a house on fire AND plan to celebrate our anniversary of meeting each other by going away for a weekend. Now all I am waiting for is for Richard to pop the question."


That's so great to hear Sarah -

Two's Company Matchmaking Agency

October 28, 2014

"We really appreciate your call and it's great that you take the time to check how we are getting on. We're moving in together as soon as our new home is ready"
XXXX Limerick

Another Limerick Matchmaking Success Story from Two's Company

Shane & Dee (mid 30's in Galway) January 8, 2015

"Hi Jen .... Two's Company,
I was in a rut for so long and was getting far too content on my own. Yes, I had my kids but no adult companionship. Two's Company helped me get out and meet people , got me involved in a social life again.
The fact that I met people in an organised situation definitely helped. I found my confidence levels really improved, and it didn't take long before I met someone really nice. It did take time as neither of us wanted to jump headlong into anything too fast but we're getting along really well, and who knows what the future holds.
We would like to thank you for all your efforts on our behalf, you really took time to help support and advise us through the process.
Slán agus beannacht."
Seamus & Eileen (62)

Wonderful news guys. We are so glad that our process worked for you.
Two's Company Matchmaking Dublin

September 8, 2013

"Well, it took me about a year to finally pluck up the courage to call. I guess it's more difficult for guys to do this ......and as you said, Jennifer,.....women are more proactive in the dating department than men. If I was to be totally honest and give you an honest testimoniaI, then I would have to admit that it was a whole lot better than I expected. I don't entirely know what I did expect but I just made a decision just to do something, and this seemed the best option at the time. If you hadn't persisted, then I probably would have just left it.
To sum it up then....yes I'm very pleased, Jean's a great woman and who would have thought I'd be taking the plunge again so soon !! Well done, thanks for everything."

That's so great to hear Gerry. We hope it all goes well for you.
- Jennifer
Two's Company Matchmaker Ireland

Gerry (54). Posted on 27/06/13 July 2, 2014

Dating Success for Lisa

"Hi Jennifer,
Just a quick note to say all going well with XXXX and I. We are getting on great and are both very happy with the end result. You will definitely get some recommendations from us, and more than likely an occasion to buy a new hat !!"
Lisa (31)

Great to hear Lisa
Two's Company Matchmaking and Introduction Agency

Lisa. (31) 10/02/13 February 10, 2013

"Hi Jennifer,
We were just talking about you two and decided we should let you know that we are delighted we contacted you approx a year ago now. Wonderful to tell you that we are so happy you introduced us. We often refer to you both as our mutual friends and we have referred a number of our "lonely" friends to you. We have both found our soul mate and have had a wonderful 10 months together. We look to the future now and to many years as good as the past one.
Thanks a million,"
John & Cathy

We are delighted for you both
Two's Company
The Irish Matchmaker

January 31, 2013

"Hi Jen,
Just to fill you in on the great news .....We will be announcing our engagement this Christmas. It'll be such a surprise for many of our friends and I'm dying to see the expressions on their faces when they hear. So glad I let you twist my arm otherwise I'd never have met ****, and still be dreading another Christmas as a single girl ( God I used to hate all those romantic songs). Mad busy with work and all the arrangements but just wanted to thank you for all your help, support and encouragement".
Judy (32)

We were delighted to hear about another matchmaking success in Cork
Two's Company Matchmaking Cork

November 28, 2012

"Finally got round to putting pen to paper and writing something that reflects my experience with Twos Company.

I suppose when you're involved in anything you like to see what's available, and therefore I did my research before embarking on this process. You have been by far the most professional company I've come across, having really looked after me from the very beginning and right throughout the process, I couldn't fault your service. You listen and that shows in the type of people you've introduced me to. I intend to recommend this service to friends and to whomever else will listen. Obviously one has to be open and ready to do this, it is a process and a journey, albeit a very enjoyable one at that !
Thank you both."
Richard (50)

That is so great to hear Richard
Twos Company
Matchmaking Limerick

November 20, 2012

"Hi Jenny,

I just thought I'd send a quick email to let you know that Gerry and I decided
to live together and have been since the August bank holiday weekend. All going amazingly well.
Thanks a lot again"
Paula (30)

Wow, great to hear Paula.
- Jennifer
Two's Company
Dublin Matchmaker

October 26, 2012

"It took a lot of courage for me to make the enquiry in the first place and even more to actually meet you for the interview. In the end it wasn't so bad and I was relieved that I had taken the step at last ! Now that I'm a member and have met a couple of nice guys it seems so easy and I'm getting excited when I see your number come up on my phone....keep them coming LOL!"

Ashling (39)

We'll keep them coming Ashling - do not worry
Twos Company
Matchmaking Service Dublin

September 18, 2012

"Glad I came back . I found it very difficult to make the decision, I think it's difficult for men to take this step....probably just the male ego but I knew I had to try something different. Anyway, here we are a year later and things are going along just great. Hope all's going well for the business and thanks again for everything"
Paul (43)

All is great with us Paul. Glad to hear that all is going so well for you also.
Two's Company Cork Matchmaker

July 4, 2014

"Hi Guys,
Thanks a mil for everything. Paul is wonderful and everything is going great, having a ball. Watch this space."
Anna (29)

Great to hear that guys.
Twos' Company Cork Matchmaking

August 18, 2012

"I just met Linda last Wednesday and she's the nicest, most down to earth person I have met in years. We met for lunch and were still together 5 hours later. A real lady! Meeting again this Thursday, will keep you posted.
Delighted I joined and it's definitely the best step I've taken in a long time."
Dermot (50) Limerick

Great News Dermot. We looking forward to hearing how you get on
Two's Company Matchmaking Limerick

December 19, 2011

"Really glad we met, albeit accidentally. Didn't know agencies like yours existed, and even though I'm a regular Irish Times reader I don't generally read the ads in the personal column. Anyway, it's been great fun and a seriously interesting experience. I don't think I have ever met so many attractive women... even in my twenties!! Well, you can't keep a good guy down as they say.

So from little or no excitement and TV dinners- to an abundance of opportunities and prospective dates, I'm just sorry I didn't know about you guys a couple of years ago. Thanks for now and keep up the good work !"
Brian (45)

We are delighted to hear that David.
- Jennifer
Two's Company Matchmaker Dublin

November 17, 2011

"Here I am joining up again. Have to say I really enjoyed the process and I'm looking forward to some new and exciting introductions this time too!!.
I now realise that it's more about the connection between people that really works. My last partner and I were so different and our social activities weren't in any way similar. At this stage I think it's more about the personality and attitude to life"

We'd agree with you as well Sharon.
Two's Company Matchmaker Cork

November 9, 2011

"I was fed up heading into town every weekend and meeting up with the LADS, having way too much to drink and wishing I was somewhere else. Anyway, we're having a ball, doing lots of interesting things and going to some really interesting places , just back from the U.S., and looking forward to a skiing holiday in the New Year. Haven't told anyone yet how we met, even though we get asked a lot ,that's our secret for the moment"

Martin (39)

Great to hear that you're getting on so well Martin
Two's Company Matchmaking Galway

October 28, 2011

"Twos Company,
I would like to say that I have had a wonderful time since joining Two Company. You introduced me to a wonderful
man and together we are entering a new phase of our lives."
Susan (46)

That is so Great to hear Susan.
- Jennifer
Two's Company Matchmaker Ireland

May 12, 2011

"What attracted me to an Introduction Agency initially was the idea of someone else doing the hard work, cutting out the time I normally spend trawling through the internet in the evenings. It was also distracting me from my work so I was glad to finally unsubscribe and get my life back on track. I was receiving all sorts of spam emails coming through form weird foreign sites( don't know how they got my email address).
This matchmaking process for me personally, is a much more attractive option and I really like the professional approach. It's early days yet, but so far my dates have been excellent, some have turned into further dates and looking forward to future exciting prospects.
Roy 47 (Kildare)

Glad to hear that you are enjoying the process Roy
Two's Company Matchmaker Ireland

Roy Kildare March 5, 2011

"I am writing this letter to express how impressed I am with your service. When I contacted you around 3 months ago he suggested I meet for a chat. Having been burned in the past I was very sceptical, but agreed to meet. He explained the services your company provides, re-assured me and made me feel at ease with my decision to join. I’ve been matched with some very nice women to date who seem very genuine and interesting. You have shown me the kind of service I expected and I am very grateful for your efforts.
Thankfully yours"
David M. Wexford (54)

Thank you for that David
- Jennifer
Two's Company Matchmaking Ireland

November 10, 2010

" Hello Jennifer,
Well, I take back everything I said about being 70… okay you were right. He wasn't what I thought I was looking for- he’s 5.9, not 6' tall, good build, no blonde hair, not any more…. that was grey. He was an absolute delight to have dinner with, we talked all evening, and although he has had some terrible tragedy in his life I could have listened to him all night. We certainly had a lot, and I mean a lot, in common. Looking forward to our next meeting!
All the best,"
Rosemary (66)

Thanks for your kind words Rosemary.
- Jennifer
Twos Company Matchmaker Dublin

September 15, 2010

I know you were looking for a testimonial but I'm a man of few words so..
Best money I ever spent... I think that says it all!!

Roger (33) Dublin May 20, 2014

I was in a rut for so long and was getting far too content on my own. Yes, I had my kids but no adult companionship. Two's Company helped me get out and meet people, got me involved in a social life again.

Seamus & Eileen (62) May 20, 2014

At my initial meeting with Jennifer from Two's company I was really impressed with the time she took to get to know me.

Joe Dublin (36) May 20, 2014

It's very difficult to maintain privacy in every facet of my life and this was the main reason I approached Twos Company. We both work in high profile careers and therefore discretion is very important to us.

Patricia & Stephen April 29, 2014

I was so nervous about joining I didn't think I would enjoy it at all. I had tried online dating as you know and I have to say I was fed up with the dating scene in general.

Geena (34) Westmeath April 29, 2014

We were just talking about you two and decided we should let you know that we are delighted we contacted you approximately a year ago now. Wonderful to tell you that we are so happy you introduced us.

John & Cathy April 29, 2014

"Thanks Two's Company for introducing me to a lovely guy. You chose a great match for me and my little girl. Since my divorce 5 years ago, I've found it really hard to meet guys that I can trust as this has been a major issue in my life.

Lorraine (42) April 29, 2014

I was delighted to hear from you today as it's been some time now since we were in touch. I'm very happy to give you a testimonial and I have recommended your company many times.

Jim (65) April 29, 2014

Dear Jennifer,

I’m sorry this email has taken me so long to write. I met P through twos company about six months ago, and are having a smashing time together. We get on so well, and it’s been great to date someone so kind and thoughtful. We have had a great experience and have recommended you to all our single pals, and would recommend your company as a really positive step in the search for love.
Many thanks to yourself, and all at twos company,
Kindest Regards,
Posted September 05, 2015

September 5, 2015