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The man I am seeing is very kind, funny, generous the list goes on but he is not reliable. He cancels arrangements very frequently sometimes on the day, he always offers a good reason and is very apologetic. I feel it is a bit harsh to cut things off based on this negative trait alone, but I’m also struggling to see how we can progress as a couple if this is going to be a part of his personality.


I am with my partner over 10 years. A friend of mine recently confessed to me how in love he feels with his wife of 30 years and it dawned on me that I don’t hold those feelings for my own partner. Something has changed in the process and I am not surely what and why. It is making me question if I am truly happy or just comfortable, how can you know?


Can a person have more than one soul mate, or is there just The One? Sometimes I worry I might have messed up my chances with someone special when I was younger. This troubles me significantly, I am constantly thinking and worrying that I might not find that again. Do you think that there is a case of finding a true soul mate again?


Myself and my partner have both been married before. He is keen to go down the aisle again, he sees it as the ultimate commitment. I am wary, I love how things are, marriage to me is unnecessary, it feels almost excessive to go to such extents at our age. Should I go along with it for his sake, or is that being fake?


I cheated on my wife. It was a once off, terrible horribly selfish mistake. I confessed everything to her and after a tough few months it seems like we might make it through. However her family hate me, understandably so but the tension they cause is the only real issue between us anymore. I’m afraid this could prove too much for my wife being caught between the two. What can I do in this situation?


I am a single mother with two teenage sons. I have been single for most of their life, myself and their father have a good co-parenting relationship and I get along well with his partner. I feel it’s time I enjoyed a relationship of my own. However my sons are very protective of me and have insisted on meeting any man I agree to date. How can I explain this to a potential match without coming across as too intense?


I need help. I’ve met a few men over the years and some have been fantastic, however all are too keen to get intimate, I feel like a teenager again finding myself in situations where the man wants too much too soon. When I explain that I am not ready for that yet I am always listened to and respected however after a few weeks they lose interest and things peter out. Is waiting a few months an unreasonable request?


I am three times divorced. I got married when I was 18, young and dumb. My second marriage was slightly less rushed but turned very toxic very quickly. My third marriage I thought was forever but I discovered after six years together that there had always been another woman. My relationships history haunts me. I am ashamed of it. Is it ok to lie about your past experiences? When men hear three failed marriages they immediately write me off. Please help.


When I am nervous I talk, this really impedes me on first dates. I can see my date recoil as the chatter just keeps coming out of my mouth but I can’t stop it. I’m petrified of there being an awkward silence. How can I manage this to get that elusive second date?


How do you ask a woman out? I am always confused how to suggest spending time so they know it is a date, any efforts I have made we always end up as friends, I must be giving off the wrong signals. I’m not a shy guy but it is not my style to be suggestive, I’d hate to come across as leery like some men do.


My ex-husband and I divorced twelve years ago. He recently split with his partner and we’ve been spending time together due to things with the kids we share. I feel myself warming to him again and I know he feels likewise. Should you ever try again a situation like this? If we get it wrong it will hurt the kids deeply, but I can’t stop thinking what if we get it right?


I am an older woman. My grown up daughter had a party in the hose recently and her friends came round for dinner. One male party go-er and I really clicked. I thought nothing of it until I received a Facebook message from him asking to go for coffee. My daughter thinks it is hilarious and my friends are warning me not to. Do age gaps of this kind ever bring anything but complications?

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