Dating Dublin Second Date Ideas

In our last blog post, we suggested some great coffee shops in Dublin, which are great for first dates. In this blog post we’ll be making some non-coffee based Dublin dating suggestions

When you’re younger, Dating in Dublin can be a bit easier. You pick the newest, trendiest place and go there. Who cares if you can’t hear what your date is saying?

But, as we get that little bit older, we know that we would rather go somewhere with an atmosphere more conducive to getting to know someone.


Somewhere Quiet

You want to hear what your date is saying and you want them to be able to hear you. Therefore, a busy bar on a Friday evening might not be the most suitable. And why get squashed into a corner by a large work crowd in a busy bar when you can find many quieter places in the city.

Most bars and pubs in Dublin are quiet earlier in the week and on Sundays – perfect nights for a casual getting-to-know you date.


Somewhere that represents you and your personality

On first dates, we often try to impress. But, if you go to a place where you wouldn’t normally go, then will you be yourself on the date? If a trendy bar isn’t somewhere you’d usually head to, then we’d recommend that you stick to places that you’re more comfortable with.

Our favourite city centre Dublin Pubs for Second Dates

If you get there on a sunny evening, even if it’s busy around with work people, you’ll always find somewhere to stand and soak up the sun. If standing doesn’t suit, try and sit on the barstools under the awnings.
Early in the week, try the snug.

The Bailey
This place is certainly trendier than some other places and when the sun is out, you could be sitting on any Boulevard in Europe. They do great cocktails and it’s a great place to start off a night……

O’Sheas Merchant
If you and your date are partial to a bit of traditional music and dancing, there’s nowhere better for a first date in Dublin than O’Sheas Merchant Pub. They have set dancing, live music and a great atmosphere. So if you’re looking for traditional Dating Venue in Dublin, this is the place for you.

Other Quiet Places
Here’s a link to some other quiet pubs that might be closer to you.

Over to You

So which bars have you found to be most suitable when you’ve been Dating in Dublin? Have you any suggestions for our members who are meeting for the first time? Let us know and leave a comment

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