Dating in Ireland – here are some first date tips

Dating in Ireland is going to be interesting because, well, we’re a nation of interesting people. When it comes to first dates, remember, the object is firstly to have fun.  .

Yes, you may be nervous, but then, most people are nervous on a first date especially if they have been single for a while.  

We would advise that you meet up for a coffee or a drink in an informal setting to get to know each other.  Have a google search for dating in Dublin or cork or limerick or Galway venues to find out where might be best to go.

Ask questions to get to know your date but remember, it’s not an interview!  

Exes!  Well, it’s always advisable not to focus conversation on your exes, especially during date number one.

Smile and keep eye contact and remember, it’s meant to be fun!  

And as we have so much experience as matchmakers here at Two’s Company, we match people based on similar character, values, and intellect so you’ll have lots to talk about.

So if you’re looking to start dating in Ireland and you need someone to go on a date with (it always helps), then call our matchmaking and introduction agency on 014304017 or email us at We would love to hear from you.

We’ll be adding some dating ideas on later blogs so keep an eye on our page.

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