Investing in Your Relationship

Investing in your relationship

We all know how important it is to check our “investments”, and this is also true when it comes to the people we choose to “invest” our time with…
The way you do so is by asking yourself the following questions for each person that occupies a special place in your life: “Is this relationship feeding my fears or my aspirations?”, “When we are together, do I experience a sense of expansion or contraction?”

And every time you find yourself constantly spending more energy in resistance or “protecting” yourself, rather than expanding, it’s time to have an open conversation with that person to immediately reverse that dynamic.
If the other person then constantly “resists” that invitation, you may consider “change your investment” by spending your time with someone else…In fact, if it’s not working for you, it’s not working for them either, because the purpose of all relationships, for all of us, is “self expression” not “self-contraction”.

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