Online Dates and Introductions

Love will always find a way. We at Two’s Company are constantly finding ways to help our members make connections. Therefore we are working with the current directives and keeping people dating while adhering to social distancing protocol.


Interviews/ consultations can now being conducted via the following video calling enabled platforms:

  • We will assist you in setting up a platform where we can get to know you and complete your registration process.
  • You can now have the consultation in the comfort of your own home or office, where you are most relaxed.
  • We will work around your timetable to arrange these consultations when it is most convenient for you.
  • No travelling time, costs, traffic restrictions etc, couldn’t be easier!

Dating has also never been easier- we can introduce you to like minded individuals who share your passion to find your soulmate.

You can chat on the phone and/or arrange a date via the platforms above.

You get to know your date and when the current restriction have lifted, you can then once again visit your favourite restaurants and bars for a more intimate dating experience.

Lot’s of our members are having fun and getting to know each other in a relaxed and less pressurised format.

It’s nice to know that there are many possibilities open to you during these challenging times, and who knows – this might be the exact time to meet your perfect mate!

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