Romance is alive and well in Galway

Romance is alive and well in Galway

With romance in the air this weekend is there a better place to visit than Galway. You are spoilt for choices when it comes to romantic things to do.

Take a whirl round Salthill Prom with your Galway Girl at sunset. Hire bikes and explore the countryside. Take a ferry to the Aran Islands. Visit Thomas Dillon’s Jewellers the original craftsmen of Claddagh Rings who have a little museum outlining the significance and romantic associations with Galway.


Enjoy exotic coctails or sumptious dining in one of the many fabulas resturants Galway has to offer. Or if you fancy something more low key, settle yourselves in a quiet cosy pub and soak up the atmosphere with a roaring fire and great conversation. Whatever you decide to do this Valentines Day remember romance is all about finding time to be spend with your partner


Happy Valentines from us all here in Twos Company.

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