Why Trust a Match Making Agency?

Here at Two’s Company, this question seems like a no brainer.

Here at Two’s Company, this question seems like a no brainer. There are endless reasons why using a professional agency is better than the disappointing lottery of online dating / better than waiting for “the one” to just turn up on your doorstep! We see it, all day, every day – but thought it might be nice for you to see it too.

Truth is, we receive enquiry phone calls every day, with people who tell us their horror stories from the online dating world.  The thing about the internet is, it will endure anything and everything. From fake dating profiles, to photos taken a decade ago, to those married messers looking for an easy way to cheat – the internet is the place to find them.

Meanwhile, working individually with a matchmaker will ensure you will not have such problems. Here are some of the measure we take:

1. Fact-check & vet all personal data of clients.

2. Married people / people still living with their spouse are are not allowed

3. All clients pay for matchmaking services, which cuts off anyone who’s looking for financial gain, in other words gold diggers!

4. We are quite picky about our clientele. We do not bring anyone in for a consultation unless they seem genuinely interested in a long-term, serious, meaningful relationship.

5. We keep a balance of 50/50 men/women of all ages, in all areas around Ireland on our books. This often means there is a waiting list for certain age groups, but it keeps it working smoothly.

6. We meet EVERYONE. (We do the hard work of figuring them out, so you don’t have to!)

As we said, seems like a no brainer, right? Any further questions – just ask! We’re always have to have a friendly, confidential conversation about our service. 01-4304017.

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