5 Relationship Secrets from our Matchmakers

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It’s always the little things that ensure that relationships remain loving (although it’s always nice to get a big present every so often as well).  Here are some little ideas to help maintain a happy relationship.

Praise Your Partner for the Little Things

If there’s something you appreciate about your partner then let them know.  It could just be that they make you a decent cup of tea.  Make sure to say thanks.

Be Thoughtful

When you’re thoughtful to your partner, he or she is more inclined to be thoughtful in return.  So think of some ways in which you can do things for your partner (without any expectations of anything in return).

 Keep Your Promises

Failing to keep your word can chip away at trust in a relationship. It would be better to say ‘Let me think about it’ than to commit to something and not do it.

Share Your Passions

Take turns choosing a sports, arts or cultural event to attend together each month.  The point is to show your partner what you love to do, so that he or she can experience it as you do.  To make this work, you need to be flexible: you might have to go to a football game or a gig that you might not normally go to.  The reward lies in experiencing each other’s passion. And who knows, you might enjoy yourself.

Discuss the Big Things in Life

When you were dating, did you talk for hours about current events or the meaning of life? If all you seem to talk about now is the grocery shopping or how much to spend on a new sofa, reintroduce meaningful conversation into the relationship.

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