Top 10 First Date Ideas from our Matchmakers – Part 3

Some more ideas from our Matchmakers to ensure a fun and memorable first date.

4. The Pub The old reliable pub can be a great place to go for a first date. Conversation is probably the most important part of a first date. Chatting over a couple of drinks will ensure the mood is relaxed and will help to dispel any inevitable first date nerves. Choose a buzzy gastropub with bags of atmosphere, so you don’t feel compelled to fill every break in conversation yourself — the last thing you want is to choose a silent bar. The other great thing about going for drinks is that the date is casually open ended — you can easily make an excuse to keep it short if the spark just isn’t there, or can go on for dinner somewhere else if you both don’t want the date to end.

3. Play Tourist Every year, thousands of people probably arrive on holiday. Try to see your hometown from a tourist’s perspective. Check out tourist guides and information on all kinds of festivals, events and sights worth seeing. Take your date on a touristy excursion around your city and check out all the awesome stuff that you’ve always meantto get round to seeing.

2. Stand Up Comedy The tried-and-tested ultimate key to your date’s heart is not an expensive meal, or a bunch of flowers upon arrival. It’s making them laugh. Laughing together is the absolute best thing can happen on a date — so make that task infinitely easier by taking your date to see some live comedy. We’re not talking big arena shows here, either. Every town has indie stand up nights every week, be it at a comedy club or in a pub. Enjoy some drinks at the same time and get ready for a date about as fun as they come. However, never get up and do your own, even if you are a self-proclaimed comedy genius. Awkward. As. Hell.

1. Try some New Cuisine Sharing new experiences together is a great way to build a connection with someone. As classic as it is, a restaurant date can also be unique and memorable. It’s just a case of finding the perfect place. Choose a new, ethnic food that neither of you have had before. Not only does it show that you’re on top of latest food trends, it’s also a lot of fun and a date which allows for lots of conversation — even if its just about the new food you’re trying. Choose a fashionable Italian aperitivo bar, small plates of sashimi, a trendy option like Vietnamese or for a surefire talking point, how about a fusion restaurant – there are so many restaurants out there that the world is your oyster.

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