Going on a Cork Date? Here are some second date ideas

Why not go Walking for your Cork Date?

So you’ve already had your first date and you now want to spend some more time together on your second or third date. If you are Dating in Cork, you’re very lucky as the city and its surrounds, offer many romantic walks, which we find are a perfect way to spend an afternoon.


So where’s good to go walking on a Cork date?

Go for a walk that you think will be of interest to both you and your date. That means, not walking around the shops or going on a pub crawl… unless either of those suit the two of you for the date.

South Parish
Check out this self guided walking tour of the historic, ecclesiastical and archaeological sites of the south side of Cork City. What better way to spend your date than walking and learning? There are plenty of places to stop off along the way for a break.

City Centre Island
Okay, it’s not exactly as romantic as being stranded with your date on a desert island, but it is an interesting walk around Cork City – you get to learn and have a date at the same time! According to this guide, “this walk traces how the city centre island of Cork developed following the infilling of a number of river channels that ran between a series of marshy islands”. And, it only takes an hour!

University Walk
This walk takes about an hour and a half and there are many buildings along the way that are open to the public. The University Walk traces the development of Cork City from its medieval roots, to its expansion as a centre of industry and commerce.

Outside of the City
Take a jaunt to Ballincollig and try one of four looped walks in the regional park. Known as the Gunpowder Trails, will your date be as ‘explosive’ as the gunpowder was?

Flowers on a Date?
Fota Gardens have a wide collection of both trees and shrubs which extend 27 acres and include ornamental ponds and Italian and walled gardens. You won’t be able to pick the flowers but you never know, your date might bring some flowers along for you!

Where Else?
Have you any suggestions for other nice spots for suitable walking routes when you’ve been Dating in Cork? Email us at info@twoscompany.ie and let us know so we can let our members know.

Looking for a Walking Partner?
If you’re looking for someone to enjoy those “long walks along the beach” or walks in the city then get in touch – just give us a call us on 01 4304017 or fill in our contact form at www.twoscompany.ie

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