First date in Dublin – Best Coffee Shops!

Dating in Dublin – here are some first date ideas.

Where would you go when you take someone on a first date in Dublin?

Dinner on a first date can seem a bit daunting – sitting opposite someone who you don’t know and who you haven’t met before, for two or three hours, seems a very formal way to first meet someone.

That’s why we at Two’s Company always recommend the more casual approach of meeting for a coffee or a glass of wine on your first date. If you’re a bit nervous, then get a decaf…

First date in Dublin ideas

Where to Go on your first date in Dublin?

Here are some of our favourite places to go for a date.

Accents Coffee Shop

Accents is one of the best kept secrets in Dublin” according to a testimonial on their site. Okay, so their website isn’t that attractive but when it comes to an evening Date in Dublin, there’s nowhere nicer. There’s a relaxed atmosphere about the place and it is a really nice alternative to the pub. Danielle does tarot readings there – not that you’ll need to rely on the cards to predict how your date will go. It’s just around the corner from Stephen’s Green so it’s a very handy dating spot to get to.

Herb Street

For an alfresco Date in Dublin, there really is nowhere better than Herb Street. It’s in the heart of the digital hub near Grand Canal Dock. The brunches are to die for. If you’re looking to fill up for the day ahead then check out the pancakes. Be warned though, you may not be able to eat for the rest of the day.

Clement and Pekoe

For those trendy hipsters looking for somewhere to go on a Date in Dublin, check out Clement and Pekoe on South William Street. They serve great coffee, have a nice vibe and there are always plenty of things happening on Dublin’s trendiest street.

The Westbury Hotel

Why not take your date for afternoon tea in one of Dublin’s finest spots. In their own words:
“Watch the world go by from The Gallery – An infamous spot for a teatime tête & tête among the city’s business and social aristocracy, The Gallery offers what other Dublin hotels cannot, an ideal perspective on Dublin life, with an elevated view of the Grafton Street throng and over €1m of Irish art acquisitions on display.”

Sounds like the perfect place in Dublin to sit and chat and get to know each other.

Bewleys Cafe

Dublin can be heaven for coffee at eleven, but how good is Bewley’s for a date? We find it a bit noisy and for a first date as you want to be able to hear what your date is saying. So, we’d recommend leaving Bewley’s for a later date. It would also make the perfect spot to have a coffee after you’ve bought your ring together in Weir’s.

But I don’t Drink Coffee!

Do not worry. All of the above establishments serve quality tea as well.

Other Dating Ideas

For coffee lovers, check out this website which rates coffee shops purely on the coffee, not on their suitability for Dublin Dating.

Where would you Suggest?

Which coffee shops have you been to that you could recommend to our members on where to go to when Dating in Dublin? Tell us where and why and we’ll let our members know in our follow up blog.

Now, if you’re reading this, you’re single in Dublin and you don’t have a date to bring for coffee then give us a call on 01 4304017 or just fill in our contact form on and we will give you a call.

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