How Far Would You Follow Your Heart?

If you felt the world stop earlier this week don’t worry it was just the entire population of Ireland freeze-framing when the news landed that Hollywood royalty Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had relocated to a South-side suburb of Dublin. The couple moved with their two young children while mama Lively films her latest movie here in our Emerald Isle. The most beautiful, successful power couple are in our midst what ever will we do?

Two HQ we are more concerned with what would you do; would you follow your other half across the world? What are the positives, and the pitfalls? We did some digging and found this articlewritten by love and sex expert Zahra Barnes who went through the ‘Big Move’ herself. She has put together a list of 16 questions to consider before following your heart. Below is a compilation of the best bits according to us!

Will we move in together?

Maybe moving to the city is a big enough step for now. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Barnes moved in to her own place to allow herself find her feet in the city on her own terms first. However she does warn of the Doubting Toms who assume all is not well if you and your beau don’t immediately cohabit. Drown out the naysayers and go ahead doing what works best for you.

Do I actually like the city I am moving to?

“Even the best relationship can lose out to a place that makes you miserable” says Barnes, and that’s really the beginning (and possible end) of this particular consideration. Make sure the city supports your hobbies; if you like mountain walking is there someplace for you to pursue this passion? If you’re into fitness or nights out is there a nearby gym, a vibrant night life? Be sure that the city can provide for whatever it is that makes your heart happy, other than your love.

How long do we plan on staying in this city?

This is especially important if you are not quite singing the city’s praises. Talk about the future; is your other half contracted to work in this city for a long or short period. Are they open to moving again or are they settled there? Being honest and realistic at this stage will save a lot of hassle and heartbreak down the line.

Will I resent my partner if the relationship ends after I move?

We are all human and it is only human to feel hurt and anger at the breakdown of a relationship, but feeling resentment towards an ex partner for convincing you to pack up and move is telling that the driving force for the move is coming from your partner rather than yourself. It is vital you make the move because it is something you want to do for you as much as for your relationship.

5 Whats my career situation like in this new city? Can my bank account handle the move?

Self-explanatory. Don’t follow your heart at the expense of your senses. Don’t put yourself in a compromised position. Having regular work and wages are key so you can enjoy the excitement of moving to a new city without feeling anxious or overwhelmed trying to sort these issues after the fact.

The decision is never going to be easy and is always going to be a bit of a risk. Our best advice is to slip off the rose tinted glasses and get really honest with why you want to do this. If all answers come back positive then swop the rose-tinted glasses for goggles and take the plunge!


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