It’s never too late to date!


Here at Two’s Company HQ, we often get asked question such as, am I too old for dating? Are there people my age in your dating agency? Well for anyone asking themselves the same questions, let us reassure you. You’re not alone, you’re not too old for dating and yes we have lots of members in their 60’s and 70’s.

We find that many of those who are searching might be on a second relationship after becoming separated, divorced or widowed and are looking for a new partner in life, someone special to share their life with.


It may have been a while since you were last out in the dating world. And even though some things have changed, one thing hasn’t: Firsts are still as exciting as ever. Remember the heart-pounding excitement of firsts? First phone calls, first dates, first kisses. When you’re dating in your older years, you’ll get to experience the rush of firsts all over again. If you find yourself blushing, grinning, or fighting back butterflies, don’t worry—those are all great signs!


At Two’s Company HQ we have experience in matching more mature people and from our seven successful engagements over summer, some of those couples who came to us were on second relationships. Some were separated, others single and some widowed.


Now you know there’s people in the same position as you… there’s nothing stopping you.


You deserve those butterfly feelings again.


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