Netflix and chill? Here’s our recommendations for a cosy movie night in

Shutting yourself in on a weekend night with an uninterrupted film is one of those small pleasures. You have your snacks ready, your feet up and you’re ready to relax.

To avoid the great debates about what to watch we’ve listed some titles below that will suit all tastes!

In a romantic mood?

Check out: Chocolat (2000)


This light-hearted romantic film draws on issues of temptation and self denial.

Plot: A traditional French town is woken up by the opening of a racy new chocolate shop. The woman inside has a unique sense of other peoples’ desires and ability to satisfy with just the right confection. The villagers are soon coaxed towards temptation.


Feeling nostalgic?

Check out: Jumanji (1995)


This dark family adventure comedy stars the late Robin Williams and is sure to bring you back to when it first came out. It’s an exciting film and you’ll be rooting for the protagonists the whole way through.

Plot: A mysterious board game has unprecedented consequences for all who play with it irresponsibly.


Like a scare?

Check out: The Babadook (2014)


The horror in this is derived from every day worries and fears, and the modern setting makes it almost too familiar… suspense is a constant feature. Have a pillow ready to hide behind!

Plot: A single mother struggles with her young son’s problematic behaviour. As unsettling occurances become more frequent, is her son just acting out, or is a nasty character from a children’s book really behind it all?


Need a giggle?

Check out: Raising Arizona (1987)


Chaotic and hilarious. The characters and narration are a bit silly but it all fits into the overall feel of the film.

Plot: When an ex-cop marries an ex-con and they discover they can’t have children, they decide that a local millionaire won’t miss one of their newborn quintuplets.


Give us your reviews in the comments or if you have similar film suggestions, let us know. Enjoy your night in!


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