When you know you know, but what if you don’t know?

Most times it is easy to read people; their body language and expressions reveal feelings for us to decode and respond to. However things become a little muddy when it comes to matters of the heart, many of us shy away from wearing our heart on our sleeve and try to conceal our true emotions. […]

Why “I Love You” Isn’t Enough

Here’s what Your Partner Needs To Hear Most Of All When it comes to making your partner feel loved and valued, God is in the details. Here’s what I mean: Many partners do loving and heartwarming things. My husband, David, brings me coffee in the morning, usually cooks dinner, and fixes every technological glitch with […]

Long lasting relationship in Ireland

Are you looking for a Long Lasting Relationship in Ireland? The most interesting thing for Two’s Company from the Today FM poll among 20 – 49 year olds, is that 90% of people are looking for a long lasting relationship in Ireland. See: http://www.todayfm.com/Irelands-Thirty-Somethings:-sex-and-relationships Is it any wonder that people use matchmaking agencies in Ireland […]

Relationships in Ireland.

Relationships in Ireland. Whether you find a new love in your life, start dating in Ireland or just get out and make more friends, it has been proven that positive strong relationships bring many health benefits. From reducing stress levels to a decrease in depression rates,strong relationships are good for you.. Read the article here: […]

Dating in Ireland – here are some first date tips

Dating in Ireland is going to be interesting because, well, we’re a nation of interesting people. When it comes to first dates, remember, the object is firstly to have fun.  .Yes, you may be nervous, but then, most people are nervous on a first date especially if they have been single for a while.  We would […]