Top 10 Dating Ideas from our Matchmakers Part II

We’re continuing with our matchmaker’s advice on Top 10 Dating Ideas and we’re now onto number 7.

Remember, first dates should be fun, comfortable and enjoyable.

7. Theatre or a Gig

A live show is another great idea for a first date. There are different types of gigs obviously. A trip to the theatre is classier than a trip to the cinema and will give you a chance to dress up. There’s also the intermission when you can get a drink and have a chat. At the cinema, you’ll be sitting staring at a screen for 90 minutes without getting to talk.

Choose a play or band that is to both of your tastes. If you’re not into opera, then don’t pretend that you do. Imagine having to keep that pretence up for years to come.

Comedy. There is a debate about going to a comedy gig for a first date. Our matchmakers think that it’s a great idea as it shows you what type of sense of humour your date has. Sense of humour has a great impact on a relationship (see our blog post here). The debate we have heard is whether or not you want to appear less funny than the comedian on stage or be upstaged by them (if you think that you are funnier)… or the fear of being picked on by a comedian and be made to look silly. But, that’s all part and parcel of a comedy gig.

6. Brunch

It’s not quite breakfast and it’s not quite lunch. More casual than dinner and it’s a nice relaxing way to start the day particularly at the weekend. There are lots of places to go for brunch in Dublin (have a look here). Check out your local guides for nice places to go close to where you are.

Go to see some Sport

Taking a date to go to a sports event is similar to going to a gig – it gives both ‘datees’ the perfect opportunity to chat in a casual way and get to know each other, but with enough distraction on the pitch or the court that you don’t have to think of things to say to fill hours of silence. With a jovial atmosphere at the game, you can both cheer on a team, get a beer and snack together and, hopefully it will be fun.

One caveat though: make sure that your date is not totally bored by the sport. At a later date, you can begin to compromise on what you both like to do.

Keep an eye on the blog for part 111 of our first date ideas.

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