Ideas for Finding Love This Spring Part I

So the weather is getting slightly better, the evenings longer and the mornings that bit brighter so it’s the perfect time for you to dust off the cobwebs of winter and start finding love.

To find love, you may have got to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself a little bit.

Join Have you visited This website has hundreds of groups across Ireland covering a wide range of subjects. You’ll find groups for singles, book clubs, chess players, wine lovers, gourmet dinners, meditation, hiking, etc. You can search by area and subject to find groups near you with like-minded people. It’s free to join and most events have no fee or are low-cost, so you have no excuses now!

Walk your dog. Your dog may be your best friend, but she also acts as a great ice breaker to help you meet men. Walking Fluffy makes it easy for men to approach you and think up something to say. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard about couples meeting at dog parks. Go to a popular place with lots of people so you can get into conversations. If you don’t have a pet, simply ask a dog owner a question about his pet as he passes by. Or offer a compliment like, “What a cute dog!” Those words are magic, trust me.

Get out of the house. You may need to start by getting yourself outside where other people are. It’s pretty easy to hole up in the winter time and spend your evenings watching your favourite TV shows – even the reruns instead of subjecting yourself to a bar stool – solo. Yet, now that the sun is out later and its warming up a bit, joining a softball team, taking some golf lessons, taking the dog to the park or simply going to the local with a friend or two, will put you in a place where a mutual connection may occur.

Simply make people feel good about themselves. FLIRTING makes another person feel appreciated and interesting. If you take the pressure off of yourself and make your goal to simply make as many people, of any gender, age or degree of physical attraction, feel good about themselves, two things are guaranteed to happen. The first, is that you are going to make someone feel good about themselves! If you start by practicing on say, the checker at the grocery store, “Hey you rang up that order really quickly, thank you!” and turn it into a game you play with yourself, where you are as genuinely kind (that is key – it must be GENUINE complements or they sound wrong and make people defensive) to as many people as you can. It will not take long before you find yourself in the habit of “flirting” with everyone.

Be charming. The definition of Charm is the ability to make other people feel as though you like them and find them interesting. Who doesn’t want to be more charming? Start by finding a way to “love” the little things that people do in the world. Once your focus is on finding the things you appreciate about others, you will be surprised at how quickly people begin to find things that they appreciate about you.

Coming soon from Two’s Company Matchmakers…   Ideas for Finding Love Part II

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