How important is a sense of humour on a date?

How important is a sense of humour to a relationship and what type of humour should you use on a first date?


A sense of humour can be crucial to two people having an enjoyable and successful date.


MatchmakingAn article that we read recently from Psychology Today takes an indepth look at how humour can effect how well a date goes and how humour can also signal how compatible a couple will be.

The article focuses on the best types of humour to use and how different types of humour elicit different responses.

· Affiliative humor reflects the ability to enjoy humor with others, tell jokes, share anecdotes and so on.
· Self-enhancing humor involves using humor as a coping mechanism—finding the funny in everything, and keeping a humorous outlook on life.
· Aggressive humor involves disparaging others with humor by teasing, ridiculing and laughing at others’ expense.
· Self-defeating humor is when you make fun of yourself and generally use self-deprecating humor.

Read more about how this effects how well a date goes in the article here.

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