26 Jun

Why Trust a Match Making Agency?

Here at Two’s Company, this question seems like a no brainer. There are endless reasons why using a professional agency is better than the disappointing lottery of online dating / better than waiting for “the one” to just turn up on your doorstep! We see it, all day, every day – but thought it might be […]


30 Apr

Video Dating: Tips & Tricks

    Now with dating while distancing on most of our minds, we’ve moved quickly moved towards new ways of getting to know somebody, or keeping that spark alive.  And while it’s not something you may have considered doing before, it’s certainly worth considering now. Not only can it be a good way of getting […]


8 Apr

An Isolation Update from Us: Thoughts & Tips on Dating Throughout the Crisis

    While we’ve been working remotely at Two’s Company, we’ve had time to catch up with clients, think about our distance dating tips, along with speaking with the many new enquiries. So, what have we learned?     On New Enquiries: Some things about the human spirit persist, even in crisis: namely, our hunger for […]


22 Jan

Don’t Go On a First Date Without Reading These Tips!

We’re almost a month into 2020, which means we’re a month into matching new couples here at Two’s Company. What a time to be alive! And also ….what a time to be … a little nervous. Because, let’s face it: first dates can be nerve wracking. But they don’t have to be.   When it […]


16 Dec

5 Things Men Look For in a Woman

    Finding your person is no easy task, here at Two’s Company we know that. And we are more than happy to help. Today we are helping by sharing what we have learnt, as match makers for almost twelve years, about what men look for in women. Recently, we wrote about what women look […]


12 Jul

Relationship Advice – Managing those First Date Nerves

              With such great feedback from previous questions and topic’s we’ve covered. Jennifer is back answering a question on how to manage nerves on a date: When I am nervous I talk, this really impedes me on first dates. I can see my date recoil as the chatter just […]


3 May

Two’s Company’s Date Inspiration and Idea’s for the May Bank Holiday Weekend

        Its May…yay!! Everyone knows this heralds the beginning of the Summer. With the upcoming bank holiday and predicted good weather (fingers crossed) It’s the perfect cocktail mix for a weekend spent with friends, family or that special someone.   If you’re looking for some date inspiration, whether it’s a 1st date […]


15 Mar

Relationship Advice – Revealing a Complicated Relationship History

              This week, Jennifer answers a question on if you should reveal a complicated relationship history or not.             I am three times divorced. I got married when I was 18, young and dumb. My second marriage was slightly less rushed but turned very […]


1 Mar

Relationship Advice – Intimacy In A New Relationship

        This week, Jennifer answers a question on how to navigate intimacy in new relationships:           I need help. I’ve met a few men over the years and some have been fantastic, however all are too keen to get intimate, I feel like a teenager again finding myself […]


14 Feb

Feeling The Love? Here’s the History of Valentine’s Day

      As Valentine’s Day is upon us and our phone lines hop with people looking to meet their life partner, we here at Two’s Company wanted to look at the story behind Valentine’s Day. A story about love, commitment and sacrifice… a real love story.     3rd Century Rome- a brute called […]

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