Is This New Dating Trend Worse Than Ghosting?

Here at Two’s Company we strive to keep on top of all the latest dating trends, in order to help you to avoid them. And, just when we thought we had the whole “ghosting” thing figured out, we’ve noted an equally dreadful term that has been added to the vernacular.  Say hello to ‘stashing’. Let […]

‘Cuffing’, Call it’s Bluff!

At Two’s HQ we dedicate a portion of each day to trawling the internet and newspapers, magazines and social media sites to find out what is happening in the ‘Relationship Realm’. We do this to bring you, our loyal and very loved members and followers the most current dating trends, tips and trauma’s, because we […]

When you know you know, but what if you don’t know?

Most times it is easy to read people; their body language and expressions reveal feelings for us to decode and respond to. However things become a little muddy when it comes to matters of the heart, many of us shy away from wearing our heart on our sleeve and try to conceal our true emotions. […]

How Far Would You Follow Your Heart?

  If you felt the world stop earlier this week don’t worry it was just the entire population of Ireland freeze-framing when the news landed that Hollywood royalty Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had relocated to a South-side suburb of Dublin. The couple moved with their two young children while mama Lively films her latest […]

Younger Women Older Men; the Dating Enigma.

Sophia Richie and Scott Disick confirmed their relationship! and (naturally) their almost 15 year age gap was quick to spark debate in the office,….is it ‘normal‘? what exactly does 19 year old Sophia desire in a man so much her senior? and vice versa? But Sophia is not alone, Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford make […]

Clashing over passions?

Even a match-made in heaven is based off of two different people coming together. Two’s Company took to the streets of Dublin  asking couples What different hobbies cause rifts? and How they keep it together? *names have been changed for privacy.   Fake It ‘Til You Make It Catríona*: “My boyfriend loves GAA. I grew up in […]

Netflix and chill? Here’s our recommendations for a cosy movie night in

Shutting yourself in on a weekend night with an uninterrupted film is one of those small pleasures. You have your snacks ready, your feet up and you’re ready to relax. To avoid the great debates about what to watch we’ve listed some titles below that will suit all tastes! In a romantic mood? Check out: […]

Dating Dublin Second Date Ideas

In our last blog post, we suggested some great coffee shops in Dublin, which are great for first dates. In this blog post we’ll be making some non-coffee based Dublin dating suggestions When you’re younger, Dating in Dublin can be a bit easier. You pick the newest, trendiest place and go there. Who cares if […]