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3 Dec

Diary of a Match Maker – 5 Things Women Want in a Man

Finding your person is no easy task, here at Two’s Company we know that. And we are more than happy to help. Today we are helping by sharing what we have learnt, as match makers for almost twelve years, about what women look for in a man.       Chemistry Don’t feel bad the […]


21 Oct

Why do Men Say They Like You and Then Disappear?

So, it finally happened! You met a wonderful man, and you had some wonderful dates. You were physically, emotionally, and mentally attracted. AND … it was mutual. You know for sure, not just by the way he looked at you, but because HE SAID SO. He was excited to have met you. He introduced you […]


14 Feb

Valen….times running out to get organised!!

It’s the Big Day, the day of Ever lasting Love and blissful Happiness and PANIC because you are not ready; no roses, no meal booked, nothing! Never fear! We have curated some of the best suggestions to buy for or try with your Love Interest: For the Cinema-file The Stella Theatre – In their own […]


26 Jan

Secrets! Do they have a place in relationships?

Global pop sensation Ed Sheeran announced his engagement to sports-star girlfriend Cherry Seaborn last week. With Sheeran equaling British pop royalty we are imagining a wedding of royal magnitude….but the plot thickens… The actual engagement happened weeks ago! Sheeran posted a snap of himself and Cherry on Sunday with the words “got myself a fiance […]


9 Nov

‘Cuffing’, Call it’s Bluff!

At Two’s HQ we dedicate a portion of each day to trawling the internet and newspapers, magazines and social media sites to find out what is happening in the ‘Relationship Realm’. We do this to bring you, our loyal and very loved members and followers the most current dating trends, tips and trauma’s, because we […]


3 Nov

When you know you know, but what if you don’t know?

Most times it is easy to read people; their body language and expressions reveal feelings for us to decode and respond to. However things become a little muddy when it comes to matters of the heart, many of us shy away from wearing our heart on our sleeve and try to conceal our true emotions. […]


27 Oct

Hate Halloween? Never fear!

If you’re not quite Halloween and more Halo-when-will-it-end Two HQ have got you covered. We’ve scoured the internet for festivals nationwide which don’t require you to dress ridiculously or run for your life through clown-infested farms. No more hiding behind the curtain from the trick or treaters, have a browse of what’s on offer this […]


26 Oct

How Far Would You Follow Your Heart?

  If you felt the world stop earlier this week don’t worry it was just the entire population of Ireland freeze-framing when the news landed that Hollywood royalty Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had relocated to a South-side suburb of Dublin. The couple moved with their two young children while mama Lively films her latest […]


13 Oct

Are you feeling it too? Mental Health and Romance.

Two’s HQ we are mad for mental health. This mental health week we’ve been taking the time to read up on some of the amazing content posted online offering advice and support to anyone struggling with their mental health (which the world health organisation says will be 1 in 4 of us in our lifetime). […]


6 Oct


Even though we are in the business of getting men and women together, in this case we are pitting them against eachother, all in the name of research though! Reading this article on whether exes can be friends, Two HQ were very divided! Half of the office said yes! why not?! The opposition side answered […]

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